Simple Fire Starters

Nothing better than arriving at your camp, setting up and finishing off the day with a roaring hot fire complimented by marshmallows and beers. Unfortunately sometimes it can get really difficult to light a fire because the wood could be wet or there could also be a possibility that you are setting up a fire in the rain.
For all those situations its good to have a back up plan in the form of Fire Starters.
Check out the tips below and leave your suggestions in the comments below:

Waxed Cardboard
A favorite type of fire starter would have to be a waxed cardboard box or at least small strips of it. Its lightweight, burns really well, takes up no space and can be thrown into your bag just as it is. Best of all you can find them everywhere and can pick one up for free.

Vaseline covered cotton balls
A simple yet effective way to get a fire started is to grab a few 100% cotton balls, and soak them in Vaseline. An easy way to achieve this is to warm up the Vaseline and pour it over the cotton balls. Wrap them up in a bag afterwards to make sure they don’t smear your pack.
cotton balls covered in Vaseline

Lint From your Dryer
If you have a dryer at home then you are set with yet another great fire starter. Lint is super dry, lightweight and burns like crazy. Best of all its nice and easy and free with every couple dry loads of clothing.

Coal wrapped up in Egg Cartons
Coal is not really a fire starter, but if you do light it up then it becomes quite difficult to put out. By wrapping it up with a egg carton you have the initial fuel (cardboard) to get it burning.

Stuffed Toilet Paper Rolls
Next time you finish a roll of toilet paper grab the inner tube and fill it with some paper. It’s a nice and easy way to start a fire. As an additional tip you could also fill the tube with the fire starting gear. This could include a flint, matches, lighter, some Vaseline coated cotton balls. When you are ready to start the fire, you pull it out of your pack, look like a pro and start a roaring fire.

Pencil Sharpener
Obviously this is not a fire starter but the reason why it is included in the list of top 7 fire starters is because by shaving some wood pieces from a stick they instantly become awesome kindling. Additionally the sharpener is lightweight, small, reusable and super cheap.

Cotton Pads Dipped In Wax 
Don’t throw your melted wax candles! If you have many of those things lying around the house, you can dip your cotton pads in them. Use an old saucepan inside another pan of water (the “double boiler method”) and heat the chopped wax over low heat (don’t allow it to heat up for too long). Once its melted, turn off the heat and start dipping your cotton pads.