Camp Box, Chuck Box, Kitchen Box - Ideas

Personal kitchen / Camping boxes are a great thing to have and take pride in making.
In this post i will show a few that i want to make, the great thing about them is that you can build and modify them to your personal needs and specifications.

Materials Needed:
Side pieces =1/2" plywood 16"x18" Qty 2
Big shelf / Bottom = 22"X16" 1/4" Qty 2
Back Panel = 23" X18" 1/4"
Front Doors = 13 1/2"X 23"  1/4" (Cut in Half)
Thin Shelf = 22"X18" 1/4"

Outside corner brackets Qty 4
Inside corner brackets Qty 4
Brass cup hooks
1/4" X 1/2" Round head sheet metal screws
Shelf brackets = 1"X2" strips 17" long Qty 2
Small hinges Qty 4
Small L brackets Qty 4
Small bolts with Nylock nuts and bolts.

The main structural shape of the box is an H with a bottom piece.  The two sides, main shelf and bottom of the H are 1/2"
One of the problems of working with plywood is how to attach the pieces because you can not nail or screw into the end pieces.  I chose a simple solution that only uses screws and sheet metal brackets.  The brackets were attached with galvanised sheet-metal screws while the 1/4" plywood was attached using bolts, nylock bolts and washers

The box is made up of two side pieces and two main shelves from 1/2" plywood.  The front doors, second shelf and back panel are 1/4" plywood.  I used deck stain to protect the plywood.
The top shelf is attach using inside angle brackets.  These provide support and also fit flush under the shelf.
The bottom piece is attached to the side pieces using large angle brackets.
The back panel is attached with small angle brackets.  The panel is important because it make the box stronger and prevents the box from bending side to side.
The doors open to the sides on hinges. 
Strong metal handles were attached to either side.

Other versions..

Please leave a comment on your modifications,
and please email your pics to our contact page.