GPS Distance Location Tracker

GPS Distance Location Tracker App

One of my favorite GPS Locator and Recorder apps is this one
Its so simple, You to save your campsite GPS location and Longitude Latitude,
or save and record your tracks.
Also an option to share anywhere including facebook.
Very simple App and I like it
i give it an 8/10

Perfect as a distance tracker for walking, distance tracker for running, distance tracker for cycling, hiking or other outdoor distance-based activity. Or to just save a position/waypoint. Easy to use: Saving and sharing a GPS location/waypoint or a route has never been easier. Accurate: A lot of time is used to make the app as accurate as possible. That means that the distance the app reports should be as correct as possible using advanced algorithms to read data from the GPS reciever in the phone. (How accurate the app can be depends on the GPS receiver on the phone. In general you might say that newer phones has better GPS recievers than old ones, and expensive phones has better GPS recievers than cheap phones.) When using this app you get accurate data when you track your running, walking, cycling, biking, skiing, hiking etc. Battery efficient: By using advanced algorithms, operations that consumes battery is kept to a minimum.